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Define your Relationship 

Having a specific term, such as "STAD," to describe a stepdad can provide clarity and recognition for the role that the stepdad plays in a child's life. It can help to acknowledge and emphasize the important contributions and responsibilities that a stepdad has taken on in the child's upbringing and daily life. Plus plus


I was a step dad struggling with my place in my new step relationship with my new step son. He also struggled with who this strange guy was in his house.  One day I was in a situation where I needed to discipline him and he called me by my first name, I felt powerless. It was this moment that I knew I had to define the relationship for both of us. After rattling off all the formal names sir, Mr Flora etc we landed on “stad”. A mashup of step and dad that still sounds and feels respectful. Now my step son has a better understanding of who I am, I feel like I am a part of the family and his biological dad knows I’m not trying to take his place. It has turned out to be killing 3 birds with one stone and continues to work for us today 18 years later…

The purpose of this site is to give every step parent, that has earned it, a tool they need to be a successful Stad or Stom. Come here to discuss the successes and failures you experience and we can learn from each other…