Live Blended


95 Million adults are step relationships. A blended home contains one adult that is not the biological parent. Mom and Stad, Stom and Dad, Stom and Mom, Stad and Dad, etc.

Why Define your STEP relationship?

Having a specific term, such as "STAD," to describe a stepdad can provide clarity and recognition for the role that the stepdad plays in a child's life. It can help to acknowledge and emphasize the important contributions and responsibilities that a stepdad has taken on in the child's upbringing and daily life.

Using a specific term can also help to reduce stigma and negative stereotypes often associated with being a stepdad. It can promote a more positive and inclusive family dynamic by emphasizing the stepdad's importance and value in the child's life.

Additionally, having a term such as "STAD" can facilitate clear and open communication between all parties involved, including the biological father, stepdad, child, and other family members. This can help to build strong relationships and a supportive environment for the child.