Wedding Vows not just for the bride and groom anymore?

Wedding Vows not just for the bride and groom anymore?

Traditionally, a marriage involved a man and a woman building a family together. However, in modern times, it's common for a man to marry a woman with children and vice versa. Therefore, why not establish vows between step-parents and step-children? This could be a fun and meaningful way to start a new chapter as a blended family. By making a commitment to each other, we can define and strengthen our relationships and ensure the success of our new family unit.

Some vow / pledges I've come up with from the step parent to the step child and vice...

Simple Step Parent Tips

Simple Step Parent Tips

  1. Communication: Maintain open and clear communication with both the biological parent and the stepchild. Set clear boundaries and expectations, and be respectful and understanding of each other's feelings.

  2. Build a relationship: Building a relationship with the stepchild takes time and effort. Engage in activities you both enjoy and make an effort to get to know each other.

  3. Avoid comparison: It's important not to compare the stepchild to your own children or make comparisons between them. Same goes for step dad and dad, Defining the relationship helps create separation between the rules for the...



By taking these steps, the term "STAD" can be used to maximize its value for a stepdad and help to promote a positive, supportive, and inclusive family dynamic.

  1. Emphasize the positive: By using the term "STAD," the focus can be on the positive contributions and role that the stepdad plays in the child's life, rather than any negative connotations often associated with being a stepdad.

  2. Promote inclusivity: The term "STAD" can help to promote a more inclusive family dynamic by recognizing the stepdad as an important member of the family...

A Happy and Successful Life Mantra - cliff notes from Dad

Mental toughness: *Life is mental warfare in your head, learn to control it or it will kick your ass.  Don’t drive yourself crazy, if something is bothering you stop thinking about it and move on.

Exercise/health: Because it makes you feel good for longer then it sucks. Take care of your body, eat balanced happy medium meals, take care of teeth, and gut. You should put down your phone and let yourself be bored once in a while its good for your imagination/brain.

Friends/relationships/Social: Good friends help you grow, push you, tell you you’re an asshole, and pick you...

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