A Happy and Successful Life Mantra - cliff notes from Dad

Mental toughness: *Life is mental warfare in your head, learn to control it or it will kick your ass.  Don’t drive yourself crazy, if something is bothering you stop thinking about it and move on.

Exercise/health: Because it makes you feel good for longer then it sucks. Take care of your body, eat balanced happy medium meals, take care of teeth, and gut. You should put down your phone and let yourself be bored once in a while its good for your imagination/brain.

Friends/relationships/Social: Good friends help you grow, push you, tell you you’re an asshole, and pick you...

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Don't call me mom: A guide to Stepparenting March 2017

By Allyson Tomchin Licensed psychotherapist 954925-9071,

11 Guidelines on how to a create a bond in a Blended Family

Discover how you can create a lasting bond in a blended family with these step-parenting guides. Parents often find it a difficult task progressing when they blend to create stepfamilies. This certain situation usually happens when some children try to resist the change or parent’s expectations of the new family does not match the previous family. Check out the ten guidelines on how to create a bond in a blended family.

1. Plan for a blended family. When you together with your partner decide to make a life together, consider how the children from the previous relationship will blend in...