A Happy and Successful Life Mantra - cliff notes from Dad

Mental toughness: *Life is mental warfare in your head, learn to control it or it will kick your ass.  Don’t drive yourself crazy, if something is bothering you stop thinking about it and move on.

Exercise/health: Because it makes you feel good for longer then it sucks. Take care of your body, eat balanced happy medium meals, take care of teeth, and gut. You should put down your phone and let yourself be bored once in a while its good for your imagination/brain.

Friends/relationships/Social: Good friends help you grow, push you, tell you you’re an asshole, and pick you up when needed. Proven to also help you live longer. Your career opportunities can also come from here. Being nice is harder than being mean, be nice but not a pushover. Social media apps aren’t social and selling you a lie and Phubbing your friends is not cool.

Emotional intelligence: Be aware of what you’re doing, how you feel and how people see you, your words or actions. Love you and how you became you. People may forget the words you say, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

Integrity: Do the right thing every time.  You will always sleep well at night. If you are making excuses for your actions you probably should take a deeper look at what you are doing.

Self Love: You must truly Love yourself, in order to Love another fully.  The exercise/health section touches on the importance of taking care of yourself, keep your cup full, so you can keep giving- emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Fear/Failure: It’s just a thought or emotion and holds you back from really living life, use common sense and logic to make good decisions. Anyone can do nothing you’re doing something. All confidence is acquired, developed. No one is born with confidence. Welcome failure its an opportunity to learn and grow and if you're not failing you're not trying hard enough to succeed.

Communication: Return any communication to you in a timely manner it’s good practice to. Tell people you love and work with how you feel good or bad. You’ll struggle to grow and succeed without it, these are hard conversations but worth it in the long run.

Education/skill set / Career: Because who wants to be the dumb one in the bunch, and a good education prepares you for when opportunities happen or give you the confidence to make your own opportunity. The money will come if you work hard and do what’s right no matter what.

Hard work: If you want to be happy or successful your best chance is to work hard at it not hope you get lucky or someone hands it to you. Success is not something that happens to you, it happens because of you.

Family/love: You can’t change or return them, love them for what they are and be there for each other.  Love and family take work to maintain if you want it to be good, nothing worth having is easy so accept it and get to work.

Stuff: Buy nice stuff that is timeless and not trendy, and take care of it!! Make sure you need it and will use it, otherwise you’ll end up donating it but try not to buy it in the first place. Minimal stuff if not a minimal life it’s a wise life.

Finance: Live below your income, save for 3 months of rainy days, buy used or rent, save 20% of your income and invest 5-10% in your 401k, buy duplexes as a backup income and retirement plan (dad will help you).

Parenting: If you say it (punishments, accountability’s, chores) then it must happen so be careful with what you say. Stick to your guns and your life values, while things may be hard now this will pay off as they grow. Don’t take the easy way, do it the right way.

Faith: I believe in Mother Nature as my higher power and karma as the eyes that are always watching when know one else is. Sometimes life will not make sense, and having something like this to draw strength from helps in tough times and when you need to make right and right choices.  

Closing note: Use common sense and logic to make sound decisions. Always make decisions for the right/good reasons and you can’t make bad/wrong decisions if your doing it for the right reason even if they don’t work out as planned. This will help when you need to stop beating yourself mentally and move on.  Don’t try to beat the system you’ll always lose in the end. Make your bed every morning, a good general rule of thumb is everything in moderation, find a happy medium with everything you do/buy/eat/etc. Stay beautiful....

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