Why we started this

In 1998 I started dating a women with a 3 year old son and I did not take that task lightly. I instantly took on the challenge of shaping a young persons life. Like any man in that position I struggled with respect and knowing I was accepted as a step parent. Until the day my wife, step son and I sat down at the table to discuss the situation. We kicked around the idea of Louis calling me Mr. Flora, sir and Dino. Nothing gave us the feeling of acceptance and respect until my wife called out Stad. We all looked at each other with the look of that’s it.

The soul purpose of this site is to give every step parent, that has earned it, the tools they need to be a successful Stad or Stom. Come here to discuss the successes and failures you experience and we call learn from each other…

A Little History

I got this message from a 7 1/2 year old named Matty that made me recently pick this project back up.

"My mom and dad are divorced and my stepdad is very cool.  He wears glasses and I didn't know what to call him.  Until I clicked onto this website and found out how to call him STAD. I would really like a t-shirt and my STAD would love a coffee mug too. "

Age: 7 1/2
Summerville SC   
Date: February 17, 2008 at 10:00:11 PM EST

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